02 Nov

Making the case for digitally mature medical device manufacturing, John Danese, industry director, lifesciences, Birlasoft points out that currently, manufacturers use numerous paper-based maintenance manuals, which usually takes a lot of time to read and memorise. With AR, organisations can simplify maintenance. For instance, operators will be able to see the status of the device using AR headsets and access procedural content, including process steps, audio and video instructions

In today’s digital era, medical device manufacturers mostly rely on paper-based operations and systems that are long past their shelf life. Increasing production requirements are posing difficulties for manufacturers, because most processes are manual and the systems function in silos. Workers today don’t have quick access to the right information to perform their jobs. This significantly increases compliance and quality risks in the shop floor.

There is a growing need for centralised systems that can track and distribute content, and mobile applications that offer easy access to manufacturing processes. As a result, companies are integrating advanced mobile applications and cloud solutions that bring shop floors online. According to IDC, 77 per cent of manufacturers view digital transformation as an opportunity, while only 23 per cent see it as a risk, making digital transformation a top priority among most manufacturers. Sensing this trend, organisations are now digitising their shop floor, warehouses and supply chain network to improve quality, flexibility and efficiency in operations.

With a connected shop floor, facilities can support manufacturing 24/7 and improve productivity. Capabilities such as real-time analytics/monitoring, and BI systems can help manufacturers gain enhanced visibility into the processes. They can discover and act on insights faster, while making smarter decisions on the move.

This holistic, data-driven approach can help improve agility and efficiency of manufacturing processes, while maintaining quality and compliance.

Source:  expresshealthcare

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