05 Nov

The ICTRP is a country-led initiative. Clinical trial registration happens when countries seek to improve the transparency of clinical trial research involving nationals of that country, and to be more accountable to the individuals who consent to participate in clinical research, and to better oversee and monitor that research. It is up to each country to decide if they want to have a clinical trial registry and, if so, where that registry will be housed.

To become a Primary Registry in the WHO Registry Network a registry must:

  • Submit a Registry Profile (available from the ICTRP Secretariat)
  • Meet all of the WHO Registry Criteria
  • Be approved by the Assistant Director General of the Information Evidence and Research cluster of the World Health Organization
  • View the list Primary Registries in the WHO Registry Network. Only registries on this list meet WHO requirements.

The designation as a Primary Registry in the WHO Registry Network is conditional on continuing compliance with WHO Registry criteria.

Source: WHO

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