How we talk about performance – how successful we are in doing this – is critical to the team relationships we forge and the effectiveness of team performance. Part of talking about performance is knowing how to have an effective performance discussion. The performance discussion is truly a collaborative process that we have – there must be an open exchange of views, ideas, and issues. The primary purpose of the discussion is to provide specific feedback concerning performance, to explain and gain mutual understanding of the ratings you have given, and to build a sound foundation for goal setting and development planning for the next year. Specifically, the purpose of the Collaborative Performance Discussion is: To provide feedback to the Team Member concerning performance To clarify for the Team Member individual strengths and areas needing development To discuss and gain mutual understanding of the ratings assigned and achieve closure To help the Team Member structure a Career Development Plan for the next year that will result in continued more effective and significant improved performance During this webinar, we will discuss some of the challenges of the Collaborative Performance Discussion, provide you with an opportunity to self-assess your discussion skills, and introduce you to the Coaching for Performance Model. Why You Should Attend: The primary reason for participating in this webinar is to ensure that you build effective collaborative relationships. For your management of team performance to be successful, you must overcome a number of critical challenges. Success in this case means that both you and your Team Member leave the discussion feeling that the process was fair, objective, helpful, and sets the stage for continued effective performance. Specifically, this webinar will help you to meet the challenges that you are facing including: Structuring a performance message that conveys a supportive tone, presents the evaluation in easy-to-understand terms, is fair and able to be supported and sustains a good working relationship Setting the stage for the discussion by creating a supportive environment Providing clear and relevant feedback Effectively handling disagreements when they arise Achieving mutual understanding of performance ratings, strengths, and development needs and achieving closure Areas Covered in the Session : Having a Collaborative Performance Discussion Challenges of the Collaborative Performance Discussion The Coaching for Performance Model Preparing for the discussion Providing Feedback Establish Mutual Understanding and Achieve Closure Who Should Attend: This webinar is suitable for professionals across all industries and functions. A must for all Directors, VP’s, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and everyone who may want to improve their ability to effectively manage performances.


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Areas Covered in the Session :

  • Review the current regulatory requirements and guidances (CFR, EU GMPs, ISO, etc.) for environmental monitoring.
  • Discuss issues of sampling methods, selection of sampling sites and the justifications for them.
  • Review the issue of contamination control as an important aspect of EM programs.
  • Discuss the issue of action and alert limits, trending of data and the handling of excursions.
  • What are the most common deficiencies cited by regulatory auditors when auditing environmental monitoring programs?
  • Attendee question and answer period.

Who Should Attend:

  • QA/QC Teams
  • Manufacturing Teams
  • Engineering Teams
  • Validation Teams
  • Regulatory affairs Teams
  • Management Teams
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