18 Nov
  • Sterlization plays a very vital and crucial role in Medical Industry.
  • Most commonly used methods are the Heat Method, Filteration , Radiation Sterilization and Chemical Method.
    • Heat Method :  There are 2 Types of Heat Method
      • Steam Sterilization : Method with Autoclaves and going from 121-134 Degrees Celcius under pressure.
      • Dry Heat Method : This is done by exposing to high heat of flames or hot air.
  • Filtration : Membrane kind of filters with small pores are used for the microbes to pass through in this type of method.

  • Radiation: UV rays are used, it is safe and can penetrate and can be used for small areas

  • Chemical Method : Harmful liquids and toxic gases are used and it penetrates quickly into the material.  The risk factor needs to be considered if this is being used.
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