Most employers care greatly for providing a safe place to work for their employees and want to provide safe working conditions, which includes providing appropriate worker’s compensation benefits in the case of an occupational injury or illness. In the event of an accident in the workplace, employers are required to perform a thorough, objective, professional investigation. When any workplace accident occurs, some degree of confusion follows. In the event of an accident with injury, if the accident investigation does not support the details of the injury, it may also be necessary to review the validity of any related worker’s compensation claim(s). Such a review can uncover previously undetermined details regarding the reason for the accident. Such circumstances warrant a review from those who run responsible companies. Good accident investigation procedures can heighten safety awareness on a daily basis and cause safety to be at the front of everyone’s mind every day. Such best practices include good processes for reviewing worker’s compensation claims. The presence of effective safety investigation protocols lessens the probability of an accident occurring as unsafe conditions can be discovered before an accident can occur. The presence of solid worker’s compensation investigation protocols lessens the likelihood of dubious worker’s compensation claims occurring. Agenda The interplay between OHSA and Workers Compensation How safety, accident and WC investigations differ from other types of HR related investigations Understanding how the psychology of emergencies affects effective evidence collection and accident investigations Policies, procedures and protocols to have in place today to avoid WC claim problems later Indicators of professional investigations Signs that a WC claim may be questionable or exaggerated How to handle dubious WC claims What to do when employees offer conflicting information regarding another employee’s WC claim. How to take a complaint How to interview witnesses What to do when people will not cooperate Report writing tips Who You Should Attend: HR Departments Payroll Departments Compensation Departments Safety Professionals Internal Investigators

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