Human resources analytics is a very hot area in HR today. Many HR professionals think it is new but it has been employed since the 90’s. Basically, analytics is a combination of analysis and statistics and unlike metrics which are data from the past; analytics is the use of data to make predictions about the future. This webinar will detail how, with the right data and skills, an HR professional can: Make predictions on which applicant will be a better worker Anticipate when people will quit and hire a replacement faster Forecast staffing needs Identify training programs that have the greatest impact on improving employee performance Learning Objectives: Difference between analytics and metrics How to pick high-powered metrics What comes after establishing metrics How analytics can be used to significantly help the business Case studies to demonstrate real-life projects How to develop an analytic model Data needed and how to use Excel to develop analytic formulas Using analytics in a selection process, the biggest opportunity in the HR area Areas Covered in the Session : Data needed to do analytics Skills and software needed to do analytics How to use analytics in the selection process How to use analytics in identifying high-leverage training programs How to use analytics to reduce absenteeism How to use analytics to forecast workforce changes Kinds of data needed for certain projects Real case study examples of how analytics created success for the business Who Should Attend: HR Professionals Organization Development professionals Recruiters and Hiring Managers Compensation professionals CEO’s and CFO’s Department Managers, Team Leads and Supervisors Training Managers Planning and Audit Managers Business Analysts and Risk Managers

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