Do you have to communicate with people who make you want to pull your hair out (for those of us who still have hair)? You communicate very clearly and they just don’t “get” it – its like they are not even hearing you. It can be so frustrating trying to get your message across. And then there are the people that talk too much … without saying anything – they seem to talk just to hear themselves talk – it’s so annoying. Or those that don’t communicate at all – are you supposed to read their minds – its exhausting trying to get anything substantive out of them.

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This webinar is for you if:

  • You find yourself regularly frustrated by people not “getting” your message or seemingly not hearing what you’re saying
  • You’re confronted with communications styles of others that just don’t work for you – too fast/slow, too loud/quiet, too abstract/specific
  • You want to have effective and smooth communications with anyone, regardless of their style
  • You want to connect with people quickly
  • You want your message to be heard

Areas Covered in the Session :

  • A simply process to identify the 4 communication styles quickly and easily
  • A 3-step process to instantly connect with almost anyone
  • How to adapt your messaging to be heard by virtually everyone
  • Why you’ve had difficulty communicating with some people and how get on the page same with them
  • Your preferred communication style
  • How to use your communication style to your advantage

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers
  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • Training managers
  • Supervisors
  • Everyone who are interested in the topic
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