You may have heard that most employment is at-will, but what does that mean? If you employ your workers “at-will”, does that mean you can fire them whenever you want? Does invoking the employment-at-will doctrine protect you from wrongful termination lawsuit? Why You Should Attend: Many employers make the mistake of assuming that because they hired an employee “at-will”, terminating that employee will be a done deal—and they often end up defending a wrongful termination claim. Other employers may hold onto employees who are not performing well or who may even undermine company goals and safety, because they think that terminating them will automatically result in a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Neither of those assumptions is necessarily true! So what can an employer do? This webinar will help you gain some insight into how to navigate your relationship with your employees, keeping employment-at-will and its exceptions in mind. Learning Objectives: Attend the webinar to know: The extent and limits of Employment-at-Will. We will also explore the statutory exceptions and contractual provisions that seem to undermine at-will employment to give you clarity and guidance on an often misunderstood principle of employment law. The rights and obligations of employers and employees. Areas Covered in the Session : Defining Employment-at-Will Identifying situations falling outside of at-will employment Identifying exceptions to Employment-at-Will Anti-discrimination laws and Employment-at-Will Rights and obligations of employers and employees Employment agreements, disclaimers, written employment agreements Employee handbooks The NLRB and disclaimers Scope of Employment-at-Will Case examples Who Should Attend: CEOs Senior Managers Business Owners Hiring Managers All HR Professionals Recruiters VPs CFOs Comptrollers Compensation Specialists Compliance Officers

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